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Have you ever observed that we pay much more attention to a wise passage when it is quoted than when we read it in the original
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About Setkit

About the site is an evolutionary infotainment website that aims to bring you the best of infotainment & entertainment content totally free, the website was first launched at April 18, 2008 under the name of beta when we were testing user response and had promised our visitors to rebuild the portal according to their interests and feedback.
Setkit is the continuation of its dummy version of PKmela which has totally been revamped, it is no secret that even the most popular entertainment portals are nowhere near the standards today's websites are expected to be, Setkit aims to fill this gap and thus present a content enriched Web 2.0 standards compatible infotainment portal.

Why revamped?

Building an evolutionary infotainment portal has always been our dream and this is what led to but exactly at the day of its launch it was clear to us that this is not the dream project we had intended to build, the need of revamping the portal from the scratch was understood quite soon. The previous release had several bugs, technical limitations and most of all it was not scalable. Trying to work on the existing system and expanding was nothing but a waste of time therefore instead of fixing the existing system we decided to start from the scratch and are really feeling proud by presenting Setkit which has an intelligent error handling, bug tracking system, easy to manage and understand, above all this time we have come up with an efficiently scalable portal!

The support of our users made the journey from beta to Setkit easier than it seemed to be.

What to expect?

The fact that we have finally launched the dream project doesn't mean it is the end or we have stopped, it only gives us a platform of expanding the portal, its content and features. Our visitors will absolutely experience a fast growing and non stopping infotainment portal, we have only fed with the important and basic functionalities so far which are surely going to be expanded continuously. In short we will push hard to have Setkit as one of the most promising infotainment portals.

About the team

Setkit is founded and developed solely by Abdullah Farooq, soon it expanded to a team of young professionals working from different parts of the world. Due to a high volume of work it did not take long for us to convert to a team, working at Setkit is not only fun but our passion which will be reflected on the portal as well. Since Setkit is a content oriented portal having just IT professionals wont do, our small team is divided according to their tasks and responsibilities including managing design, technical aspects and content.

Special thanks

Since everything on Setkit is available freely we rely very much on the mass of visitors to manage service expenses, we thank our visitors for their continued support, visit and feedback which encouraged us on what we were doing. Since we are working as a team its impossible to point out or exclude a member from being thanked but the founder's special thanks go to Asad & Danial for their voluntary works, Roberto for his technical help in data management.

How to help?

Love Setkit? you don't need to be a programmer or technically gifted to help us there are many little things you can do to help us improve and give us something in return of all the free content.

  • Help us expand
    Even your simple little efforts put in expanding the site can make a lot of difference. The easiest approach of expanding Setkit can be a 'word of mouth', just by letting your friends know of you will land at least one visitor here.
    By posting about Setkit to different forums, boards and websites you can redirect a considerable number of visitors and thus expanding Setkit. The more people you invite the more you help us!

  • Help us improve
    No matter how much we are concerned about the quality of our content, navigation and structure there is no way we can be perfect. You may occasionally face broken images, links (links that are expected to work but on clicking you are said that the page is not found), spelling and grammar mistakes, nonfunctional features, invalid content and even more.
    If you experience one of the above or any other unexpected behavior of the website please help us fix it by notifying here.

  • Your feedback
    We love to hear from you, your ideas, suggestions, requests, criticism not only matter but they encourage us as well. By answering a few questions like what do you like about Setkit, what can be improved etc you will surely improve the portal. Please send us your feedback here.

For more information or to contact us please visit the contact page.


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