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How Drinking Enough Water Can Help Reduce Acne

How Drinking Enough Water Can Help Reduce Acne Acne articles

How Drinking Enough Water Can Help Reduce Acne articles

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How Drinking Enough Water Can Help Reduce Acne

How Drinking Enough Water Can Help Reduce Acne Most of us don't know that waste products and toxics is one of the main reasons why we have acne, the human body has four channels of elimination; bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin while only bowels and kidneys are the primary channels. The body is forced to use lungs and skin to excrete waster materials when the bowels and kidneys are overloaded with wastes and toxics, there are several reasons of this situation one of them being not drinking enough water.
Drinking enough water will dissolve waste products in your system so it can be easily remove and flush out. Without enough water, there won't be much to dissolve these product wastes and toxics...causing it to build up in your system and causing your body to expel these product wastes and toxics through your lungs and skin which will result in acne breakout.

How much water should you be drinking each day to dissolve product waste and flush out toxins from your body depends very much on the individual, our activities, diet, hormones and other factors makes it impossible to suggest a fixed amount of water for everyone. Many people recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, some would say 3 liters a day or half of your bodyweight in ounces a day.
I believe in drinking only enough to see that your urine is mostly clear, which is probably much more than what you're drinking now but I wouldn't recommend you going overboard because drinking too much water will also flush out electrolyte minerals out of your system (which is not good). So how do you know how much water you should be drinking each day? We need to test our body and findout what amount best suits our body.

Start by drinking seven glasses of water a day for about three days, notice your urine's color in the third day if it is clear then your body does not require more than seven glasses of water each day but remember you do not want to go overboard so you should decrease the level to six glasses of water. Try drinking 6 glasses of water for the next three days and checkout your urine's color in the third day if it was kind of pale / yellow you should stick to 7 glasses / day.
The goal is to get a balanced amount of water, not more neither less so if you think 7 glasses of water is not enough for your body you should test with 8 or 9 glasses and continue increasing the amount until you don't reach the minimum glasses of water required to keep your urine color clear.

Start by drinking 7 glasses of water a day for the next 2 to 3 days. If you see that your urine is clear then 7 glasses of water a day is ws.
You can't just drink any type of water, there are certain types of water that's full of toxins (such as tap water). The 2 types of water I recommend you drink is distilled water and purified water. Distilled water has no minerals, which means if you drink it, it will leach out any unwanted non-organic minerals from your system. But since distilled water has no minerals (it's just dead water), you will need to drink some purified water to oxygenate your system. However, you do need to drink them separately and drink it on an empty stomach for it to be effective. While water alone will not eliminate your acne it will greatly assist your skin in remaining healthy and that will be one portion of the pie in fighting acne.

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