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Proven Acne Medications

Proven Acne Medications Acne articles

Proven Acne Medications articles

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Proven Acne Medications

Proven Acne Medications When you search for acne medications and treatment options you will find out that there are dozens of them in the market and the most frustration causing part is that you don't know what to go for and will it actually help out at all? The fact that acne have several reasons and just because different people are suffering with acne it does not mean they have common causes as well. To add to your confusion I will add that even if two people have exactly the same cause of acne and one gets treated by a medication does not mean the other will too using the same medication, this is because normally individuals reacts differently to different medications regardless of their common symptoms and causes. However there are are some proven treatments that usually workout for all of us and they really do work!

Prescription Acne Treatments

Of the prescription medications, Accutance is simply the best. It is a chemical derivative of vitamin A, and is often referred to as the "miracle drug" for acne. Accutane is most effective against severe acne and due to its extreme side effects most of the physicians will only prescribe it as a last resort and would try other not so strong medications before recommending Accutane.
I don't believe there exists any option more effective than Accutane but it can be quite expensive and for some people its side effects can be more effective than the acne itself including depression, thinning of hair, night vision problems and even suicide attempts but most of the side effects usually disappear after the dosage is completed. However it works!
Retin A and Renova are also prescription medications, these are topical derivatives of vitamin A, and are also good at clearing up fine lines, wrinkles, and slight skin discolorations. One of the biggest downsides is sunlight and other topical acne treatments must be avoided while using either of them. However, they are proven to reduce acne.
Birth control pills and antibiotics round out the acne medications most commonly prescribed. Birth control pills are used exclusively by women to help regulate hormones, and therefore lessen the hormonally related acne that many women experience. Antibiotics work by attacking the acne causing p.bateria as it grows deep in skin pores.

Over the Counter Acne Treatments
These treatments might not be as effective as prescription ones but due to low risk and less side effects associated its a good idea to try your luck here before moving to the strong doses. For not so severe acne over the counter acne treatments are a better option.
Benzoyl peroxide works by penetrating the skin pores, and eliminating the acne causing bacteria that grows deep in the skin. Benzoyl peroxide is the most commonly used acne treatment because it is affordable and easily available.

Salicylic acid works by removing the top layers of dead skin cells which helps the skin renew itself faster, and decreases the chance for pore blockage and a subsequent acne breakout.

Herbal Acne Treatments

The vast majority of acne treatments fall under the heading of "herbal" acne treatments. The reason is because of the lack or regulation for herbal products. This can be very frustrating to the general consumer, because it is impossible to tell which herbal treatment will work to stop acne, and which ones will do very little at all. Of every herbal treatment available, there are only 2 that are currently proven to stop acne. Tea tree oil will help get rid of acne, and so will green tea cream. Tea tree oil is an oil derived from one tea tree plant that is unique to Australia. For several hundred years it was touted as a cure all, until penicillin was introduced to fight bacteria. However, tea tree oil has seen a recent revival due in part to study conducted in 1990 that proved it is as effective in treating acne as 5% benzoyl peroxide. Furthermore, it had none of the side effects that benzoyl peroxide does.

Green tea cream has been validated more recently, at the 2003 American Academy of Dermatology conference. It was proven that green tea is as effective in treating acne as a 4% benzoyl peroxide solution. Though the study has not been corroborated yet, it demonstrated that there is another herbal treatment besides tea tree oil. These are some of the acne medications proven to work. For those who are experiencing acne, any of the aforementioned treatments would be well worth trying.

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